What to do if your husband is gaining weight


I don’t know why men don’t seem to care about this issue like we women do.

But the truth is that if your husband is beginning to gain a lot of weight especially around the middle, then you as a woman you should do something about it.

That is if you love him anyway.

Here is WHY:

According to proven medical research, when a man over 35 begins to gain weight especially around the middle – His testosterone levels will decrease which could lead to:

– Poor sexual performance and low libido (I don’t know about you but I have a normal sex drive and I enjoy it. Lol)

– Low/poor sperm production (meaning His fertility could be affected)

Also, his risk of getting diabetes or some heart related disease increases as well

If you tell him to start going to the GYM, most will probably say NO.

I know because my husband didn’t and I watched his waist size go from 36 to 40 within few months.

I knew I had to do something.

Since I couldn’t get him to go to the gym, I knew I could at least control his diet – because the problem is that most of our traditional meals (E.g Eba, Fufu etc) are very high in calorie.

Those meals were good for our fore-fathers who did physical work everyday and burnt those calories naturally. But not so good for today’s men especially the office type – plus we eat a lot of industrialized junk these days anyway.

I knew if I could feed him low calorie meals, he will begin to lose weight in a healthy way.

But the problem was – the low calorie foods I knew about, like vegetable salad are so boring and I can’t give him that everyday.

So, I started looking for a nutritionist to help me create a list of Nigerian meals with low calories – because the low calorie meals I found online were too “Oyinboish”

That was when I came across this cookbook which was created by a Nigerian fat loss expert.

The cookbook contains very detailed recipes that you can use to prepare all sorts of yummy Nigerian meals with very low calories.

Eating these low calorie meals alone will help to easily shed some kgs without a lot of exercise.

I had to get it like immediately and I suggest that you should too.

Click here to see 2 of the tasty Nigerian fat loss recipes in the cookbook.

Other things you should do are:

– Encourage him to start taking healthy supplements that improve blood flow and digestion as well.

– You should also encourage him to drink enough water. Have a pack of water in your room so that he can drink water first thing when he wakes up. It also helps blood circulation and digestion.

I hope this short article has helped in some way.

Please, drop your questions and comments below

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