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This post is a response to an email from one of our subscribers who wrote:

“Hello, My name is Lekan. I bought the product you recommended on improving eye sight for my mum 2 months ago and it worked wonderfully.

I am sending this mail because I have a problem with hair loss and I am only 35 years old. My barber has been complaining about it for some time now. I have spent more than N300,000 buying various hair loss products online and up till now, nothing has worked.

Right now, it is getting worse and it is making me look old. I am afraid that I might soon become one of these men with a shiny, bald head.

I just want to ask 2 questions.

(1) Can baldness be treated?
(2) If yes, what is the best and cost affordable way to treat it?



Dear Lekan,

Thanks for sending in this mail.

The answer to your first question is:


Baldness can be treated but that is ONLY if you act early and use methods that treat the “root cause” of your hair loss.

This does not include Alopecia Universalis and Alopecia Totalis which are extreme and rare conditions

The main reason why a lot of people eventually end up bald is that do not act on it early because they think it is inherited and incurable.

But that is a LIE.

The main cause of hair loss in 98% of men is as a result of hair follicles that are sensitive to a body chemical that is known as (Dihydrotestosterone) or DHT for short.

This DHT is your main enemy.

It is what is causing you to lose hair and it is why all the hair loss products you have bought are not working.

In order to permanently stop hair loss and be free from baldness, you have to remove this body chemical called DHT from your scalp and your body.

“Until you remove this body chemical known as DHT from your scalp, you will keep losing your hair until you become a bonafide member of the bald men’s club.

You can use all the expensive hair loss creams, sprays and serums in the world…but if you don’t specifically remove DHT from your scalp, they either won’t work or their effect will be short-lived.”

So, how do you remove DHT from your scalp and your blood?

This leads to your second question:

What Is The Best And Cost Affordable Way To Stop the Hair Loss?

Here are the 3 methods for removing DHT from your scalp and stopping hair loss:

1. Over the Counter Drugs – These drugs require continued use and they usually come with side effects like impotence, man breasts and high blood pressure. E.g Propecia and Rogaine.

2. Surgery – This type of surgery is usually known as Scalp reduction surgery to remove parts of the scalp that are affected by DHT.

It is known to be effective if you can afford it and willing to risk surgery complications. As usual, doctors will try to persuade you that this is the only effective means to stop hair loss but read the next option below.

3. Use Natural Methods – Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, there are effective natural treatment solutions that help to remove DHT from the scalp and stop hair loss with no side effects.

The natural treatment I often recommend to people is based on an ancient Indian therapy and it works for 9 out of 10 people who use it.

I am now going to explain how you can use this Indian therapy to remove DHT and reverse hair loss.

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